SceneMaker is a 3D modeling application for creating polygon based models. It is based on Open Inventor and currently understand only file format supported by Open Inventor.

The target audience of this project are end-users who wish to create 3D models and construct 3D scenes.

This project is still in the pre-alpha phase. So for the moment, this project is only suitable for developers who are interested in it. Please refer to the development page for relevant information. End-users who can help in testing the program and suggest features and enhancement are welcome.

For other UNIX modeling applications, please check the links in the resources page.

File Format

Open Inventor 2.0, VRML 1.0


Linux, Solaris


There are three forums available, a service provided by Please post feedback, feature or enhancement request, and other miscellaneous topic to the open discussion forum. Support issues to the help forum. Those who joined in as developers will be able to post or view at the developer forum. See the development page for link.

Last updated: Mar 13, 2002